Razorcake Podcast #613 with Mike Fournier

Feb 26, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #613 with Mike Fournier

Blinds to curtains. The leaves have fallen from the trees. We can see directly into the neighbors’ yard – and they can see into ours. We’ve already switched from gauzy summer blinds to thick winter curtains. It’s tough, the first stretch of winter. Luckily, there’s all this great new music (and great new to me music) to keep me going. All right!

Mike F.
Get at me @xfournierx

Feminine Aggression, “Footprints” (F/AGG demo)
Desperate Bicycles, “Advice on Arrest” (New Cross 7”)
Giants Chair, “The Streets” (Self-released)
C.H.E.W., “Daily Affirmation” (Feeding Frenzy LP)
Pond Scum, “TV Broken” (TV Surfin’)
- - -
California X, “Red Planet” (Nights In The Dark, Don Giovanni)
Negative Scanner, “Shoplifter” (Nose Picker LP, Trouble In Mind)
Material Support, “Never Forget” (Terror Prone Nation LP)
Ill Repute, “Clean Cut American Kid” (from Rodney on the ROQ 3 comp)
Blood Pressure, “Fraud” (Need To Control LP)
- - -
Way Out, “A Presence” (Arc of Descent LP)
Metal Urbain, “Numero Zero” (1978 Peel Session)
Crisis Actors, “Boston Eulogy” (From their demo. Hat tip: Juan Espinoza)
Sacred Cows, “The Sound Of A Thousand Punk Bands Forming” (Bigly EP)
- - -
Science Man, “Jesus Clip” (demo, More Power Tapes. Hat tip: Paul Comeau)