Razorcake Podcast #612 with Meztli Dagger

Feb 22, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #612 with Meztli Dagger

(Havana, Cuba | Photo by Meztli)

Traveling is fucking expensive. 2017 was the year that I decided to travel as much as I could before deciding what to do with my life. I visited South Korea, Japan, Cuba, New York City, Salem/Boston, and New Orleans. 2018 was the year that I decided to get fucking serious about my life, my future, and graduate school. I was kinda lost, honestly. I had sort of an idea of what I wanted to do...healing work of some kind...did I want to become a therapist? Would I be a good therapist? What about my life now? What was it about my life that I wanted to change? Would I even be considered as "good enough" to be admitted to graduate school? What if I didn't get in, what then? Good thing I was accepted into the program I am in now, because all those existential questions filled me with the worst angst.

I truly believe that everything is connected in some form or fashion, whether it is energetically or something more tangible. I try to incorporate "themes" to my podcasts and put intention into everything I do. I've been thinking a lot about traveling again. I find myself mind-wandering in my Law and Ethics class and wanting to be anywhere but sitting in that classroom. I realize I am lucky to be given the opportunity that I have. But nothing compares to thinking about the day when I'm not a flat broke grad student, wondering if I can afford to splurge on a latte or if that extra couple of dollars could be used for something I might actually need in the future...

The bands in this podcast are from all over the world, and I wish I could've included more, but as someone who has a low attention span (don't all punks?) I relegated this humble podcast to those bands that have been within my peripheral rotation of music that I regularly play. In some way, these bands fill that a small specter of that traveler in me. I hope you enjoy this music and get transported Mexico City, Barcelona, Melbourne, or wherever your soul wants you to go.

-Meztli Dagger

Royal Headache, "Garbage" High LP (What's Your Rupture?)
- - -
The Tranzmitors, "Between Planet" "We Are All Alone with You" B / W "Between Planets" 7" (Seeing Eye)
Rixe, "Larmes de Crocodile" Coups et Blessures 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Rata Negra, "Viviremos Eternamente" Self-titled 7" (Discos MMM)
- - -
Mujercitos, "Agresivamente Ignorante" Self-titled 7" (Not Normal)
La Misma, "Cidade Velha" Kanizadi LP (Toxic State)
Diat, "Schadenfreude" Positive Energy LP (Mouse)
- - -
Chroma, "Manifiesto del Todo" Cuerpos Dociles LP (Hysteria, De O Fora, Nada Nada Discos)
Total Control, "Retiree" Henge Beat LP (Iron Lung)
Patrik Fitzgerald, "Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart" Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart LP (Munster)
- - -
The Vibrators, "Baby Baby" Pure Mania LP (Anarchy Music)