Razorcake Podcast #611 with Kayla Greet - Rad Girlfriend Records Edition

Feb 19, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #611 with Kayla Greet - Rad Girlfriend Records Edition

Another podcast, another showcase. This time I'm spotlighting Rad Girlfriend Records based out of Dayton, OH and founded in 2011. Over the years there's been more than a few releases I've picked up that had their apocalyptic logo on the back. It's only fitting to give them their day in the sun. What a bunch of fantastic bands on an underrated label!


Sok, “Happy Mother's Day” Trashpop EP split with Rad Company (Rad Girlfriend) 2009
- - - - -
Rations, “No Answer” How Much Land Does a Man Need? (Rad Girlfriend an a billion other labels) 2011
Steelhorse, “Caught in the Ropes” Split with The Credentials (Rad Girlfriend, Mindless) 2012
Astro Fang, “ICU” Flesh Hand (Rad Girlfriend) 2012
The Raging Nathans, “Nothing Nice” The Raging Nathans (Rad Girlfriend) 2012
Stay Clean Jolene, “Green” Stay Clean Jolene (Rad Girlfriend, Drunken Sailor, Eager Beaver) 2012
- - - - -
Rational Anthem, “NINailed It” Whatevermind (Rad Girlfriend, Kiss of Death, John Wilkes Booth, Bloated Kat) 2013
The Ex-Boyfriends, “Journey to the Land of Stupid” Disease (Rad Girlfriend) 2013
Western Settings, “Goodbye” Yes It Is (Rad Girlfriend, La Escalera) 2015
Stabbed In Back, “Forever Premature” Split with Payoff (Rad Girlfriend, Say-10, Felony) 2015
Apocalypse Meow, “The Route” The End is Nigh (Rad Girlfriend, Catnap, Night Animal, Bigger Boat, Sex Sheet) 2015
- - - - -
The Soviettes, “[email protected]Rarities (Rad Girlfriend, Dead Broke) 2015
Caffiends, “I Want a Mohawk” No Gods No Decaf (Rad Girlfriend, It's Alive, Swamp Cabbage, Eccentric Pop) 2015
Crusades,“1590 (Swiftness Never Ceasing)” This is a Sickness and Sickness will End (Rad Girlfriend, Anxious and Angry) 2017
The Slow Death, “Picking You Up” Punishers (Rad Girlfriend) 2017
Starter Jackets, “Only Thing You're Bad At” Decisions (Rad Girlfriend) 2018
- - - - -
School Damage, “Stranger Fruit” Hello, Cruel World (Rad Girlfriend, I Buy, Candy Brain) 2018