Razorcake Podcast #610 with Johnny and Elwood

Feb 12, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #610 with Johnny and Elwood

The past few months Elwood has begun forming a connection with music. He recognizes songs and he has started dancing along to them in his own way. It’s amazing seeing the affect it has on his development and the joy a simple song can bring him.

Music it hugely important to keeping our brains healthy, it has been shown to have tremendous affects on people suffering from dementia and can entirely change their behavior. Dancing has an obvious benefit for keeping our bodies and especially our hearts healthy. So this podcast I’ve chosen a selection of songs that have been getting me dancing and singing through the past year. Songs that are helping to keep me healthy and helping me to be a better Dad. I doubt many of them are new to you but it’s always good to go back to some classics and remember the joy they bring you.

Try to set aside sometime every week to listen to your old favorites and help keep your self healthy with a dance and a sing.


Pansy Division, “He’s Trouble” Quite Contrary (Alternative Tentacles)
Against Me!, “Sink Florida Sink (Electric Version)” Sink Florida Sink (No Idea)
- - -
Bad Religion, “New Dark Ages” New Maps of Hell (Epitaph)
Dillinger Four, “Gainesville” Civil War (Fat Wreck)
Off With Their Heads, “Take Me Out” Home (Epitaph)
RVIVR, “The Hunger Suite Part 1. Go Away” The Beauty Between (Rumbletowne)
- - -
Hot Water Music, “Free Radio Gainesville” No Division (No Idea)
Misfits, “Some Kind Of Hate” Static Age (Caroline)
Rolo Tomassi, “Old Mystics” Old Mystics (Destination Moon)
Western Settings, “Old Pain” Old Pain EP (Creator Destructor)
- - -
Sick Of It All, “Bulls Anthem” Wake the Sleeping Dragon (Fat Wreck)
Alkaline Trio, “Nose Over Tail” Goddamnit (Asian Man)
Bomb The Music Industry, “Vocal Coach” Vacation (Asian Man)
We Are The Physics, “Applied Robotics” Your Friend, The Atom (Fake DIY)
- - -
World/Inferno Friendship Society, “Ich Einnere Mich an Die Weimarer Republik” Addicted To Bad Ideas (Chunksaah)
Iron Chic, “To Shreds You Say?” You Can’t Stay Here (Side One Dummy)

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