Razorcake Podcast #608 with Sean Carswell

Feb 05, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #608 with Sean Carswell

In late 2003, I moved from east Los Angeles to Ventura. Ventura is a little too far north and west of Los Angeles to really be considered a suburb of the city. Some people who live here do work in LA, but their commute is brutal. Or, if they buck the culture and commute by train, they get on and off at the last stop on the MetroLink line. Moving this far away, I felt like I was going to lose a lot of my easy access to punk rock. Luckily, Ventura is NardCore adjacent, and, right around the time I moved here, a guy named Grady opened a record store. The store isn’t punk rock, exactly, but Grady knows what he’s doing and knows his community. He knows how to order for people who live around here. Luckily, that means people like me, too.

I was in Grady’s Record Store a couple of months ago, and Grady told me he’d just celebrated his fifteenth anniversary. This means that I’ve been living in the beachside community for that long, too. In honor of mutual survivals, I put together this podcast. All of the music herein was purchased at Grady’s. Enjoy!

-Sean Carswell

The Motards, “No No the Girlfriend”
- - -
Big Black, “Fish Fry”
The Spits, “Remote Control”
The Black Keys, “Heavy Soul”
The Wendy Kroys, “Bike Messenger Boy”
Suburban Moms, “Turning Schools into Stones”
- - -
The Sonics, “Leave My Kitten Alone”
Link Wray and the Wraymen, “Caroline”
Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, “Jezebel”
Eddie Cochran, “Let’s Get Together”
Wanda Coleman, “Shakin’ All Over”
- - -
Ramones, “Glad to See You Go”
Generation X, “Ready Steady Go”
The 101ers, “Letsagetabitarockin’”
The Dickies, “Infidel Zombie”
- - -
Mudhoney, “Prosperity Gospel”
The Starvations, “This is What You Wanted?”
Broken Bottles, “Gothic Chicks”
Oblivians, “Call the Police”