Razorcake Podcast #606 with Kayla Greet - Dirt Cult Records edition!

Jan 29, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #606 with Kayla Greet - Dirt Cult Records edition!

Can you believe there're two DIY punk record labels based out of Portland, Ore. with “dirt” in their names? Well one has since moved to Wisconsin but that doesn't make it any less confusing for me personally. Especially since there is still a rad record store called Green Noise who specializes in both labels. But today we're going to only talk about the creation of Chris Mason.

Not only did he start a great label, but Chris has been involved in a number of awesome bands like Shang-A-Lang, Low Culture, The Answer Lies, and his most recent project Macho Boys. So next time you see him around, make sure to give a thanks for putting out so much great music- either by his own hand or by his label. And maybe I did wait on spotlighting Dirt Cult till Claw Marks was officially out so I could justify playing more Neighborhood Brats? Maybe I did!

-Kayla Greet

Shang-A-Lang - “Fashion Over Community” Error: You Cannot Add Yourself as a Friend (Dirt Cult) 2006
- - -
Unwelcome Guests - “Put Down Your Gun” The Painter (Dirt Cult, Art of the Underground, Feral Kid) 2008
God Equals Genocide - “You Make Me Feel Crazy” Life of Doubt (Dirt Cult, Razorcake) 2008
Shark Pants - “Flatside Negative” Automatic Pinner (Dirt Cult, Underground Government) 2009
The Scrams - “Eat the Beat” EP (Dirt Cult, Rainbo) 2010
Turkish Techno - “Without You” Past Due (Dirt Cult, Muy Autetico, Wolf Dog) 2011
- - -
Brickfight - “You Can Run, But You'll Only Die Tired” Harvester of Nachos (Dirt Cult, Let's Pretend)
Crow Bait - “Callin' Yer Bluff” Three Tickle Guys EP (Dirt Cult, Drunken Sailor, Solidarity, Eager Beaver, A.D.D., Lost Cat) 2011
Dan Padilla - “Fast or Slow Zombie, Your Choice” As The Ox Plows (Dirt Cult, It's Alive, Razorcake) 2011
Allvaret - “Populär” Tänk På Döden (Dirt Cult, Let's Pretend, Erste Theke Tonträger) 2014
Needles//Pins - “I'm A Drag” Shamebirds (Dirt Cult, Erste Theke Tonträger) 2014
- - -
The Stops - “In the Dark” Nameless Faces (Dirt Cult, Sabotage) 2015
Bad Future - “Injection Burn” Nightchurch (Dirt Cult) 2015
Bullnettle - “Red Dog” Bullnettle (Dirt Cult) 2016
Dark/Light - “Breakup With Today” Kill Some Time (Dirt Cult) 2017
Maniac - “Subject to Change” Dead Dance Club (Dirt Cult, Hovercraft) 2018
- - -
Neighborhood Brats - “Misery Parade” Claw Marks (Dirt Cult) 2018