Razorcake Podcast #604 with Kurt Morris

Jan 22, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #604 with Kurt Morris

I’ve been recording Razorcake podcasts since 2009. Over the years I’ve played a lot of songs from the 20 Years of Dischord box set. In this episode I’m able to knock out three more tracks. All of them also fit in on my theme: bands whose names start with the letter S. I also include Lee Ving (of Fear) backed by the Foo Fighters (Sound City Players) and a new track from Super Unison. In addition, I’ve got my favorite song (“One Rizla”) from Shame’s debut album, Songs of Praise, that came out in January 2018. This album is definitely in my top three albums of the year. The whole thing is solid from start to finish. I hope you hear stuff you like!


Scream, “Search for Employment” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
- - -
Sham 69, “If the Kids Are United” (If the Kids Are United 7”)
Shudder To Think, “Red House” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
Small Brown Bike, “Fell & Found (The Walk)” (Fell and Found, No Idea)
Shikari, “Fall on Proverb” (1999-2003, Level Plane)
Sound City Players, “Your Wife Is Calling” (Sound City – Real to Reel)
- - -
The Smiths, “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (Singles)
Shame, “One Rizla” (Songs of Praise, Dead Oceans)
Silkworm, “Severance Pay” (Firewater, Matador)
Soul Side, “Punch the Geek” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
Super Unison, “Parts Unknown” (Stella, Deathwish)
- - -
Sugar, “Gee Angel” (File Under Easy Listening)
Social Distortion, “1945” (1945 7”, 13th Floor)