Razorcake Podcast #602 with Kayla Greet | Specialist Subject Records Edition!

Jan 15, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #602 with Kayla Greet | Specialist Subject Records Edition!

Specialist Subject is my first international, er at least non-American, label to spotlight! Run by Andrew and Kay in Bristol, England, they put out many different sounds from indie to punk and whatever they fancy in between. My personal favorite besides Caves (which I've played maybe too many times on RZC pods. Is that possible?) is Shit Present. They've got such an angry vulnerability to them that really snatches my attention. There's a vast family of familiar names amongst their roster which stretches all over the UK and beyond. You're certain to find something new that you absolutely fall in love with.


Magnus Magnusson, “Whatever Doesn't Kill You Shouldn't Make You Bitter” Self-titled (Specialist) 2007
- - -
Arteries, “Mutual Friends” Dead Sea (Specialist, Paper + Plastic) 2010
Bangers, “Making Friends” Small Pleasures (Specialist, Kiss of Death, SWFU!) 2011
Above Them, “Temper Like a Hand Grenade”  Are We a Danger to Oursleves? (Specialist, Kiss of Death) 2012
Ssssnakes, Kissss Thissss (Specialist, SWFU!) 2014
- - -
The Fairweather Band, “Eyelids” The Fairweather Band (Specialist) 2014
Great Cynics, “From the Creators of Love Actually” I Feel Weird (Specialist, Lame-O) 2015
Personal Best, “This is What We Look Like” Arnos Vale (Specialist) 2015
Pale Angels, “You Don't Dance” Daydreaming Blues (Specialist, Recess) 2016
Shit Present, “Sick of Me” Misery + Disaster (Specialist) 2016
- - -
Slingshot Dakota, “Dying Stars” Broken (Specialist, Top Shelf) 2017
ONSIND, “Immature” We Wilt, We Bloom (Specialist, Salinas) 2017
Dogeyed, “Deep Dreaming” Throw The Bones (Specialist) 2018
Muncie Girls, “Fig Tree” Fixed Ideals (Specialist, Buzzed, Lost Boy) 2018
- - -
Neurotic Fiction, “Loose End” Pulp Music (Specialist) 2018