Razorcake Podcast #600 with Mike Fournier

Jan 08, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #600 with Mike Fournier

That was quick.

But was it really quick, all the adventures of summer and the rhythm of the beginning of the semester settling into the timechange and the sun setting at five? Not really, no. But it sure feels like it. A consolation is all the great new music coming out, and all the old seasons changing emo favorites (I’m looking at you, Boys Life!).

Xo Mike F.

The Proletariat, “Move” (From their forthcoming new LP!)
J. Robbins, “Someday You’ll Be King” (Swing Left EP)
Jabber, “Breathless” (Forever, Asian Man)
Big Supermarket, “SuperHwy” (1800, Hobbies Galore)
Bum Out, “Shut Up & Fish” (Celebrate With Me, I’m Letting Myself Go)
- - -
Mouth Washington, “Muerte” (Fourth Floor)
Service, “Bsteeth” (Terse)
Pure Muscle, “Gimme Love” (demo)
Sriracha-chas, “Treason” (title track from their new rec on Girth)
Full Speed Veronica, “Winnacunnet” (June 31st. Wuddup, Sarah!)
- - -
Nu Normol, “Work” (Hot Fruit)
Pile, “Cup” (Odds & Ends, Exploding In Sound)
Plastic Ep & the Records, “Three Special Words” (Rerelease on Xerox)
Boys Life, “Fire Engine Red” (Departures and Landfalls, Topshelf)
- - -
Choke The Pope, “Splinters” (Who Cares)