Razorcake Podcast #598 with Kayla Greet | Fest Edition!

Jan 01, 2019

Razorcake Podcast #598 with Kayla Greet | Fest Edition!

There's another one in the books. FEST this year was amazing, though it seems that it just always is incredible no matter what. I managed to see sixty-nine bands in five days and had the best times with some of my best friends.

Here's a playlist of the bands that blew me away that you ought to have on your radar. Some of them I've seen before and re-fell in love with them. Some I've never heard of in my life and now can't imagine living without them! Mostly Lone Wolf though. They stole my heart and demanded my full attention at FEST.

Cheers to the best week in Florida you'll ever have!


Lone Wolf, “Get Along” - Lone Wolf (Stardumb)
- - -
Ceramicats, “Buddy” - Ceramicats II (Self-released)
Lemuria, “Lipstick” - Get Better (Asian Man)
Katie Ellen, “Still Life” - Still Life (Lauren)
Erica Freas, “Patient Ones” - Patient Ones (Don Giovanni)
- - -
MakeWar, “Matador Pool Party” - Deveolping a Theory of Integrity (Red Scare)
Spells, “All Hail Getting Old” - Loose Change, Vol. 1 (Snappy Little Numbers)
Nightmarathons, “Estimate” - Estimate (A-F)
Adult Magic, “Collide” - Adult Magic (Dead Broke)
Radon, “Facial Disobedience” - We Bare All (No Idea)
- - -
Horrible Things, “I Thought I Saw You” - Pretty People (self-released)
Bobby's Oar, “Feeling Avoided” - Bobby's Oar (Tiny Dragon)
Bong Mountain, “26 Caroline” - You're Doing Great! (For the Record) (Stonewalled)
Ramona, “Getting There” - Sad Brunch (Bomb Pop)
- - -
Lone Wolf, “Side of That Road” - Lone Wolf (Stardumb)