Razorcake Podcast #595 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Dec 21, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #595 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Today marks a special occasion here on Thirsty Thursdays presented by your humble Dollar Boys as we bid goodbye to what is, for us, not just an album but a slice of time. While it's no Let's Go! or  And Out Come The Wolves... Rancid's Life Won't Wait served as their goodbye to the decade in which our rag-tag crew got into punk: the ‘90s. This is our 22nd podcast exploring this album and we hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as we have. While the album, like the ‘90s, has come to an end; we'll still be here turning you on to the best and worst of punk, hardcore, and everything in between. If you like what you've been hearing please consider supporting Razorcake during our donation drive so we can keep the lights on and the records spinning.

Kill Your Idols, “8:15” No Gimmicks Needed LP (Blackout)
SlutBomb, “Community” Constant Struggle (Self-released)
- - -
Alley Cats, “Too Much Junk” Dangerhouse Comp Vol 2 (Frontier)
Ooga Boogas, “Ooga Booga II” Romance and Adventure LP (Aaargt!)
Still Little Fingers, “Just Fade Away” Got For It LP
Highway Cross, “Ghost” Open Eyes 7” (Cemetery Crickets)
- - -
Propaghandi, “Cop Just Out of Frame” Victory Lap LP (Epitaph)
Dead Milkmen, “Ask Me to Dance” Instant Club Hit 12”EP (Fever)
Walle, “Olvídalo, Así Comienza Todo” (live)
1981, “System Resistance” Acts of Aggression (Self-released)
- - -
Penetration, “Duty Free Technology” The Early Years LP (Get Back)
Dead Kennedy, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” Nazi Punks Fuck Off 7” (Alternative Tentacles)
Thee Mighty Caesars, “Lie Detector” John Lennon’s Corpse LP (Crypt)
The Suspicions, “Baby Talk” The World Is Lousy with Ideas Vol. 3 7” (Almost Ready)
- - -
Rancid, “Coppers” Life Wont Wait 2xLP (Epitaph)

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