Razorcake Podcast #594 with Garrett Barnwell

Dec 18, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #594 with Garrett Barnwell

Hello again and welcome to another edition of my podcast! In this episode, I open and close with two singles that have been glued to my turntable the past month or so along with plenty of other musical detritus in between. No theme, no rules – just my version of punk rock. Questions or complaints? Tell it to the DA!


Birdcloud, “Wild Turkey 101” (Bachelor)
Birdcloud, “Fiasco” (Bachelor)
- - -
Pezz, “Live Another Day” (Truant)
Foetus Interruptus, “A Prayer for my Death” (Some Bizarre)
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, "Whipped Cream"
NOFX, “Moron Bros.” (Fat)
- - -
Generacion Suicida, “Yo No Se” (Symphony of Destruction/Doomtown)
Beerwolf, “The Problem with Gravity” (Self-released)
Last Poets, “Run, N*****s” (Celluloid)
Quell, “Almost Gone” (ROTW)
- - -
Neighborhood Watch, “Delicious Vomit” (BDF)
Broken Talent, “My God Can Beat Up Your God” (La Republica Libertariano De Florida)
Silla Eléctrica, “Es Lo Que Hay” (MaximumRock’N’Roll)
The Distractions, “21 Questions” (Smoking Cat)
- - -
Gross Polluter, “Cynical Scumbaggery” (Rat Town)
Gross Polluter, “Piss Popular” (Rat Town)

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