Razorcake Podcast #588 with Jennifer Federico on the topic of Lydia Lunch

Nov 20, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #588 with Jennifer Federico on the topic of Lydia Lunch

Somehow, Lydia Lunch ended up being a musician in heavy rotation for me when I was around sixteen years old, living in the suburbs of Virginia outside DC in 1986. I’m not 100% positive where I first came across her—although on the podcast you’ll hear one of my theories—but when I listen to her today, she really brings to mind a certain time and space for me. It’s usually Fall, “leather-jacket-weather,” riding around with my first real boyfriend in his dark blue, ’70s Chevy Impala. I can’t call up how I felt when I first heard her, or why she so appealed to me then, but I know I liked her darkness and her severity, I liked her style of writing, and she just seemed cool; not only because of her solo work, but also because she was collaborating with other people and bands that I was super into (the Birthday Party being a prime example).

I wanted to do this short introduction, which only touches on her work before 1990, for those who might be unfamiliar with her, because I think she’s an interesting person. She doesn’t identify as punk (and I’m not particularly interested in trying to pin a genre on her), but my perceptions about her work (music, production, and writing, amongst other things) mirror the DIY attitude that I find synonymous with punk. Hope you like it!

-Jennifer Federico

Lydia Lunch, “Stares to Nowhere”
- - -
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, “Orphans”
Beirut Slump, “Try Me”
No Trend with Lydia Lunch, “Tear You Apart”
- - -
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard, “I Fell in Love with a Ghost”
Lydia Lunch & the Honeymoon in Red Orchestra, “Done Dun”
Lydia Lunch, “Atomic Bongos”
Eight Eyed Spy, “Diddy Wah Diddy” (cover)
- - -
Beirut Slump, “See Pretty”
Lydia Lunch, “3 x 3”
Sonic Lunch with Lydia Lunch, “Death Valley ’69”

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