Razorcake Podcast #585 with Kayla Greet, Red Scare Industries episode

Nov 06, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #585 with Kayla Greet, Red Scare Industries episode

This time on Record Label Spotlight we have Red Scare Industries! Run by Toby Jeg and Brendan Kelly, they started putting out records for The Falcon in 2004. Now it's a full time thing and a solid roster of pop punk. There's a varying range of no nonsense, to quite a bit of nonsense which means it's fun for the whole family!


The Falcon, “Building the Perfect Asshole Parade or Scratching Off the Fleas” - god don't make no trash* *up your ass with broken glass (2004)
- - -
Enemy You, “These Halls” - Stories Never Told (2004)
Teenage Bottlerocket, “Radio” - Total (2005) *recorded at the Blasting Room
The Lillingtons, “I Need Some Brain Damage” - Death By Television (2005)
Bullets To Broadway, “Happily Ever After” - Drink Positive (2006) *Heather from Teen Idols! Gainsville band
- - -
The Methadones, “Street in My Hometown” - This Won't Hurt (2007)
Cobra Skulls, “Faith is a Cobra” - Sitting Army (2007)
The Copyrights, “Second Hearse Same as the First” - Learn the Hard Way (2009)
Nothington, “Captive Audience” - Borrowed Time (2011)
The Holy Mess, “Within Range of a Raven” - Cande Ru Las Degas (2012)
- - -
Success, “22nd St.” - Radio Recovery (2015)
Drakulas, “Crimson Carpets” - Owowowowowowow (2015)
The Lippies, “302” - The Lippies (2016)
Guerilla Poubelle, “L'amour Est Un Chien De L'enfer” - La Nausee (2018)
- - -
The All Brights, “The Ballad of Me and My Funds” - The White Album EP (2018)