Razorcake Podcast #581 with Mike Fournier

Oct 19, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #581 with Mike Fournier

…and just like that, we’re back to it, the same situation with different routines. The new semester always brings hope, which can be difficult to maintain once things congeal a little bit. Still, though, there’s always new bands and shows to help me through. Especially when summer is over.

Mike F.

Whoom-Elements, “Men In The Politics” (the A-side of their 1982 single)
Hidden Rifles, “Thrawnly Lot” (Across The Neighborhoods, Total Life Society)
Spowder, “Miracle Grow” (Health Palm, State Champion)
Savak, “Dead Dick” (from the forthcoming Beg Your Pardon LP)
Parlor Shark, “brokengoat” (demo)
- - -
Basement Benders, “Shrapnel” (forthcoming Shrapnel Songs LP, Dead Broke)
Death Ridge Boys, “Tamir Rice” (Right Side of History)
Borzoi, “Warheads” (A Prayer For War, 12XU)
The Mentally Ill, “Padded Cell” (Gacy’s Place: The Undiscovered Corpses, Alternative Tentacles)
Amiright?, “Gone/Winter Blues” (Amiwrong?)
- - -
Tragedy, “Kick & Scream” (Fury LP, Tragedy)
Speck, “Run” (Psychobabble EP)
E, “The Projectionist” (Negative Work, Thrill Jockey)
Mommy, “The Day I Turned 13” (Songs About Children, Toxic State)
- - -
Over/Under, “Swimmer” (1994 demo)