Razorcake Podcast #580 with Kayla Greet

Oct 16, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #580 with Kayla Greet

Hi friends!

Jordan and I teamed up again and did a record label themed show. This time it's Long Island, NY's Dead Broke Rekerds. What's more is that I just got back from visiting New York City for the first time, and I must say that I was very smitten with that place. Mostly the Lower East Side, Alphabet City, and St. Mark's where all the best punk rockery happened and is happening. So no wonder a label with hit after hit on it is based this close to the city that never sleeps. Kudos to Jordan for the suggestion. It was a good one indeed.

FYI, there's some missing audio at the one hour and 2:50 minute mark that is 70 seconds long. I don't have the time to import the file, snip it, resave, and resubmit it right now, so please just skip ahead!

Thanks for listening.


Dobbler, “If You Can't Sing Good, Sing Loud” Everything We've Always Wanted But Lost Along the Way
- - -
Iron Chic, “Steel Wall Method” Demo '08
Shang-A-Lang, “Best Summer Ever” Sad Magic
Siren Songs, “Sunny Days” Demos 2011
Murmurs, “35 Summers” Fly with the Unkindness
- - -
Cancers, “Be Cool” Fatten the Leaches
Caves, “Anchor” Leaving
Witches With Dicks, “Actual Class War” Not Just a Passing Season EP
Canadian Rifle, “Blank Trade” Peaceful Death
- - -
Jean Claude Jam Band, “Rattlesnake Love” Discography
Rad Payoff, “We All Go To Hell” 5 Song Tape
Bear Trade, “Wake” Hip Flask Life
- - -
Frozen Teens, “Hopeless City” Self-titled
Rats Rest, “Putrid Fallacy” On the Eastside
Chandeli'ers, “Breaker” Breaker
- - -
Tender Defender, “Rudes and Cheats” Self-titled Mini-LP