Razorcake Podcast #578 Fan Grrrrrrrrling with CJ Miller

Oct 09, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #578 Fan Grrrrrrrrling with CJ Miller

Yeah! I wore the shirt of the band I love to record this podcast where I was gonna play one of my favorite songs from said band. I'm a Tom Grrrl fan grrrl. Unabashed. I used to be abashed. About being a fan grrl. Bashful of my passions. Which are numerous. And impassioned. And maybe my passions connect to your passions. And perhaps they are also uniquely my own. But I won't stand for self abashing anymore.

We are given the impression sometimes to overtly love something makes us less desirable or is something to be embarrassed of. That being a fan makes us less cool. Like to be disaffected is a marker of "cool". But I think caring is cool. I care a lot. Especially in the time we live in, I think to be passionate and fight against apathy and disconnection is radical. Some of this music I played on this episode, especially the queer Australian electronic noise material, taught me a lot about being passionate. And being proud of your passions. And proud of all of your weirdness. And it reminded me at the time of why punk has felt so special and important to me. A message of being your true self, being loud about it, and expressing it however you want. The value of setting your own terms. There is value in your voice. If you are true to it... then it is a voice no one has ever heard before. Because it is you. And your existence is new. At least as this iteration of this spirit in this current dimensional realm. So flaunt it. Work it.

Mine is a heart that burns hot. I'm through trying to smother out the flames for other people. I'm happy to have a lot of favorite songs. There were like at least six records here where it was very difficult to pick a song I wanted to play for you all. I have to much fire of desire. And I'm happy be flaming. 🙂


Grimple, “Walls of Shit”
Past Lives, “Bored to the Teeth”
- - -
Bad Parents, “Needs more Than Faith”
Gestapo Khazi, “Kathy's Tales”
The Blood, “Gestapo Khazi”
Bad Brains, “Glad to See You Go”
- - -
DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, “Rough Trade (Toecutter RMX)”
Toxic Lipstick, “Put It In”
Tom Grrrl, “Aye Yay Yay”
Zombie Dogs, “Brain Crush”
- - -
Brother Inferior, “Bent Over Backwards”
Cheeky, “Get Outta Here”
Red #9, “Rain”
Gang of Four, “We Live as We Dream Alone”
- - -
Shrapnel, “Combat Love”