Razorcake Podcast #577 with Kurt Morris

Oct 02, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #577 with Kurt Morris

This edition of the podcast focuses on bands whose names start with the letters P and Q. Lots of great bands here including songs from the most recent Pig Destroyer, Power Trip, Prayer Breakfast, and Propagandhi albums. Also, pulling some classics from my collection including the Proudentall, Puller, and Public Image Ltd. songs. And then there’s Q. Poor Q. Not many bands whose names start with that letter, and even less in my collection. But this song from the latest Quicksand album is a fine example of how good their newer material is. I hope you hear stuff you enjoy!


The Paper Chase, “Drive Carefully, Dear” (Hide the Kitchen Knives, Beatville)
- - -
Paramore, “Stuck On You” (The Summer Tic, Self-released)
Paul Newman, “The New Goth” (Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Trance Syndicate)
Pop Unknown, “Head In The Sand” (Records for the Working Class No. 2, Deep Elm)
Power Trip, “Soul Sacrifice” (Nightmare Logic, Southern Lord)
Prayer Breakfast, “I Don’t Need That Anymore” (Business As Usual, Flannelgraph)
- - -
Propagandhi, “Comply/Resist” (Victory Lap, Epitaph)
Pig Destroyer, “Circle River” (Head Cage, Relapse)
Public Image Ltd., “Public Image” (Public Image)
Puller, “‘She’” (Closer Than You Think, Tooth & Nail)
Proudentall, “Sharp Confessor” (What’s Happening Here, Sun Sea Sky)
- - -
Quicksand, “Feels Like A Weight Has Been Lifted” (Interiors, Epitaph)