Razorcake Podcast #575 with Kayla Greet and Tom Lowell

Sep 25, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #575 with Kayla Greet and Tom Lowell

I'm getting ready to move out of Seattle because of a break up, not having a job, and the city being too expensive to exist, so I reached out to my friend Tom Lowell to do a podcast with me before I go. He's been in a couple of bands (Listen Lady, Shadow Cats), works at a record store (Singles Going Steady), and is an amazing artist. And he's also about to move! For him it's back home to New Hampshire, and for me it's back home to Tacoma. Much closer, but still far enough away that doing things in Seattle will be a pain.

Anyways, we both picked out eight songs we wanted to play for the Razorcake crowd. It's a pretty diverse playlist, so you're welcome!


Tom’s Picks:
Units, “High Pressure Days” Digital Simulation (Self-released)
- - - - -
Notches, “Perfectly” Almost Ruined (Salinas)
Dark Thoughts, “I Hate This Song” At Work (Stupid Bag)
Big School, “I Pay My Taxes” Mint (Self-released)
Cigaretteman, “Stay” Split with John Cougar Concentration Camp
Bad Moves, “Cool Generator” Tell No One (Don Giovanni)
- - - - -
Modern Minds, “Teresa's World” (Bumstead)
Firestarter, “Saturday Night (Is the End of the World)” (Shit Sandwich)

Kayla’s Picks:
Survival Guide, “Ugly Side” Way to Go (Side With Us)
Shellshag, “Sweet Hoodie” Shellshag Forever (Don Giovanni)
- - - - -
Sincere Engineer, “Shattering” Rhombithian (Red Scare)
Arctic Flowers, “Crusaders + Banshees” Self-titled (Self-released)
No Weather Talks, “Nazi Scum Has Gotta Die” Undergoing Defeat (Gunner)
The Exbats, “I'm A Witch” I've Got the Hots for Charlie Watts (Burger)
Neon Piss, “Tabula Rasa” Self-titled (Deranged)
- - - - -
Lost Sounds, “I Get Nervous” Self-titled (In the Red)