Razorcake Podcast #572 with Ryan Nichols

Sep 14, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #572 with Ryan Nichols

A healthy dose of newer post-punk bands that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with, releasing splits with, folks I call friends, and some great bands that I’ve come across recently. I’ve been contributing to Razorcake for about 6 years now and doing a podcast sounded like a blast. I played in a band called Cat Party for a long time and recently the drummer and I started a 2-piece band, Patchouli Death, which of course I plan on playing. Let’s party!


Elephant Rifle, “I’m Bad At Driving” Hunk (Humanterrorist)
- - -
B Boys, “I” Dada LP (Captured Tracks)
Girl Tears, “Kill For Love” Tension LP (Sinderlyn)
Patchouli Death, “I Feel Like Shit All The Time” Demo CD (Self-released)
Terminal A “Chloe” Fruits of Gommorrah Casstte (Devour)
- - -
Soft Kill, “Trying Not To Die” Savior LP (Profound Lour)
Human Leather, “Rotted Youth” Lazy Karaoke LP (Cercle Socia)
The Completers, “Silence” Silence b/w Be Gone 7 (Yeah You!)
Spectres, “Vertigo” Utopia LP (Sabotage)
- - -
Cut City, “The Postcard” EP CD(GSL)
Earthmen & Strangers, “Deceitful Lines” Self-titled LP (FDH)