Razorcake Podcast #570 with Kurt Morris

Sep 07, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #570 with Kurt Morris

I’m impressed with how many good songs are on this podcast. I’m choosing the artists by the letters of the alphabet but I was able to find some tunes I really enjoy. The opener by Naked Raygun is a take on the sad state that we live in a society where women have to live in fear of men. The Oxbow track is amazing in its construction, as it’s the same lyrics but delivered slowed down in subsequent verses. I also dig the Napalm Death song from their split 7” with Converge. It’s a look at the tragedy in Bhopal, India (look it up). Oil Boom’s “Last Call for Milkshakes” is a burner of a tune, with lots of energy. If it doesn’t get you dancing, I don’t know what will. Osker has been a long-time favorite and served as a soundtrack to when I moved to Seattle years ago. Finally, the Owls song serves as an excellent send-off. It’s as though the band said, “Can we write a song that sounds like a perfect album closer?” and came up with “A Drop of Blood….” I hope amidst all of these tracks (as well as the others not mentioned here) you find something you enjoy. Thanks for listening!

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Naked Raygun, “Potential Rapist” (Basement Screams, Ruthless)
Oxbow, “A Gentleman’s Gentleman” (Thin Black Duke, Hydra Head)
- - -
Nausea, “Fallout of our Being” (NYHC: The Way It Is, Revelation)
Napalm Death, “No Impediment to Triumph” (split 7” with Converge, Deathwish)
Offenders, “Fight Back” (We Must Rebel, R Radical)
Obits, “Run” (I Blame You, Sub Pop)
Oil Boom, “Last Call for Milkshakes” (Terribility, Dreamy Life)
- - -
Osker, “Strangled” (Idle Will Kill, Epitaph)
New York Dolls, “Personality Crisis” (Self-titled)
Nick Lowe, “I Knew the Bride” (I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll) 7”)
No Knife, “Flechette” (Riot For Romance!, Better Looking)
North of America, “Wet to Dance” (Brothers, Sisters., Level-Plane)
- - -
The Only Ones, “Another Girl, Another Planet” (Self-titled)
Owls, “A Drop of Blood…” (Two, Polyvinyl)

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