Razorcake Podcast #567 with Kayla Greet and Russ Van Cleave

Aug 28, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #567 with Kayla Greet and Russ Van Cleave

I met Russ at a Marriage Material and Pinned In Place show in Seattle earlier this year, but had been listening to his Razorcake podcasts for much longer. That's one of the silly cool things that punk can do: put a guy from Florida and a girl from Washington (who both make podcasts for the same magazine) in the same room to watch a couple of bands from LA. Small world that is constantly getting smaller with every person you meet. The math checks out – more people, smaller world. Trust me.

Shortly afterwards we were watching the Stanley Cup with Todd Taylor when Todd suggested that since Russ and I were both in Seattle and both podcasting, why not join forces? So here is the product of suggestion at work. Hope ya like what you hear.


Kayla's picks:
Choke The Pope, “Life's Amazing” Who Cares (Den Tapes)
- - -
The Pharmacy, “Dig Your Grave” Stoned and Alone (Old Flame)
Burn Burn Burn, “My Friends” Seoul Sessions (Tiny Dragon Music)
Ol' Doris, “Dear Pretty” Talking to Strangers (Self-released)
Criminal Code, “Lifeless*” Solitude EP (Forward)
- - -
Matriarch, “Fracking” Hold & Release (Self-released)
VHS, “Wheelchair” Gift of Life (Suicide Squeeze)

Russ's set:
Highway 66, “32601” Comp Tour Diary (No Idea)
My Bloody Valentine, “Loomer” Loveless (Creation)
- - -
The Figgs, “Lynette” Hi-Fi Dropouts (Imago)
The Style Council, “Walls Come Tumbling Down!” Walls Come Tumbling Down! (Polydor)
The Rezillos, “Glad All Over” Can't Stand The Rezillos
ADD/C, “Say it All Together” Comp Do You Hear We? (Do Ya Hear We)
- - -
The Knitters, “Crying But My Tears Are Far Away” Poor Little Critter On The Road (Slash)

Ahem…a few words...if I may!  Thanks to Kayla for staying on top of this and keeping me focused in spite the constant waves of insanity that flood my day to day.  Take that, waves of insanity!  Thanks to Todd for suggesting that this happen and eternal thanks to Razorcake for providing a venue to make these things happen…well…that and just being one of the best things going in a world full of bad apples.  Here’s to you and hoping that I got more of this in my future.  A couple notes on the songs.  Highway 66 is an oft overlooked gem on the early ‘90s Gainesville timeline.  Man…do I love me some The Figgs.  “Lynette” has got to be one of the best outtakes in world history.  I’ve been way into some Style Council lately.  Coming from a “The Jam rulz” worldview, it was easy to ignore the Style Council and Paul Weller’s solo work because…well…The Jam.  But I’m not gonna ignore it no more.  How about The Rezillos?  For sure.  It’s usually a good idea to listen to The Rezillos.  ADD/C deserves all our money and The Knitters and X deserve all of our time.  Thanks!


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