Razorcake Podcast #565 with Mike Fournier

Aug 21, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #565 with Mike Fournier

Explosions! Roadrash! Werewolves!

Summer is the perfect time for tour – making it the perfect time for post-tour roadrash. You know how it is: traveling from town to town conjures its own rhythm as connection to routine falls away in favor of a new kind of normal. Then it’s over.

Part of getting through the post-tour period is reverting to routine. So thanks, Razorcake podcast, for helping me through the readjustment period. Collected here are a batch of songs, new and old, that have been in my ears and brain since the end of the 2018 “Never Surrender” tour with Mike Faloon last week.

All right!

Mike F.

Hot Snakes “Plenty for All” (Audit In Progress, Swami)
Squitch “Fruit Punch” (Uncle Steve In Spirit LP)
FCC “The Information” (self-released, self-titled LP)
Generacion Suicida “La Sangre Corre” (Reflejos EP)
sister,brother “The Talking Heads Will Make You Brain Dead” (from the forthcoming new one)
- - -
Notches “Cymbals” (Almost Ruined Everything LP, Salinas)
Babylon Dance Band “Comes Change” (Bold Beginnings: Louisville Punk 1978-1983 LP. Noise Pollution)
Carrie Nations “Caveman” (self-titled 7”)
Muncie Girls “Locked Up” (forthcoming Fixed Ideals LP)
Idles “Danny Nedelko” (Joy As An Act of Resistance, Partisan)
- - -
Collate “High Functioning” (forthcoming Liminal Concerns LP)
Glue Traps “Radiate” (Future Schock 2018 Promo)
Duey Meadows “Uphold The Policy” (Shutterstock LP)
Oh Sees “Overthrown” (forthcoming Smote Reverser LP)
- - -
Child’s Pose “CCMMD” (self-titled LP, Nervous Energy)

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