Razorcake Podcast #564 with Billups Allen

Aug 17, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #564 with Billups Allen

This podcast is a mix of old bands sounding old, and new bands sounding old. The forgotten and the dejected playing the forgotten. Mostly punk from the ‘60s to the ‘80s. A good late night mix to keep you awake with your foot on the pedal barreling towards a major city of your choice.

I used to love staying up late and listening to the radio when I was a kid. All the romance in radio is tied to the late nights where if a DJ was playing your kind of music, you knew you were not alone. I volunteered at Tucson’s community radio station for several years and I felt as though it was an accomplishment to get new and forgotten bands out on the airwaves. It’s a losing battle, but perhaps it’ll clean the air around your head for an hour.


The Gorillas (Tokyo), “Oh Tonight” (Hidden Volume)
The Registrators, “Rebel Eyes” (Rip Off)
The Crowd, “Right Time” (Posh Boy)
100 Flowers, “100 Flowers” (Happy Squid)
The Dead Kennedys, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (Alternative Tentacles)
The Dicks, “I Hope You Get Drafted” (Alternative Tentacles)
Poison Idea, “Learning to Scream” (Taang!)
The Templars, “New York” (GMM)
Cocksparrer, “Chip on Your Shoulder” (Pirate’s Press)
The AR-Kaics, “No, No, No” (Windian)
Paul Messis, “Yesterday’s Confusion” (13 O’Clock)
The Routes, “I Said Move” (Hidden Volume)
Helter Skelter, “I Need You” (Just Add Water)
Victim, “I Need You” (Receiver)
The Kinks, “I Need You” (Disques Vogue)
The Dead Boys, “I Need Lunch” (GMI)
The Younger Lovers, “Danny” (Raw Suger)
The Incredible Kidda Band, “Can I Take the Car Tonight” (Detour)
The Devil Dogs, “Once Around the Block” (Crypt)
The Reatards, “Stayce” (Goner)
Born Loose, “Deadbeat Street” (Drug Front)
Government Issue, “Hall of Fame” (Dischord)
United Mutation, “Fugitive Family” (DSI)

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