Razorcake Podcast #562 with Daryl Gussin

Aug 10, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #562 with Daryl Gussin

Playing records for people is fun, but re-alphabetizing them is not as enjoyable. Here are some records I recently DJed at Razorcake’s monthly I <3 Listening to Records and Drinking Beer event held at Footsie’s. It’s a great excuse to rock some “old school” hits and bust out some weirdo jams. Second Saturday of every month. Drop on by, we’ll do a shot.


Black Flag, “Revenge” Jealous Again 12”EP
- - -
Zero Boys, “Johnny Get Better” History of LP
Feederz, “Stayfree” Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? LP
Hunchback, “Heart of Gold” Split 7” with Screaming Females
Masshysteri, “Beskjutna” 2nd LP
Replacements” Answering Machine” Let It Be LP
- - -
Fugazi, “Great Cop” In On the Kill Taker LP
Naked Raygun, “Treason” Treason 12”EP
Loser Life, “Forget My Name” I Have Ghosts and I Have Ghosts LP
The Shitty Limits, “Hard Flow” We Are the Limits LP
Mind Spiders, “City Stuff” Inhumanitic LP
- - -
Rikk Agnew, “OC Life” All By Myself LP
Social Justice, “Spiritual Soul” I Refuse to Lose! 7”
Nervous Patterns, “You Can’t Change” 7”
The Del Fuegos, “I Still Want You” 7”
The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” Live at the Roxy, August 12th, 1976 LP
- - -
Sex Vid, “Misprint” Tania 7”
Big Star, “September Girls” Radio City LP

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