Razorcake Podcast #561 with Elly Dallas

Aug 07, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #561 with Elly Dallas

Hey! Welcome to my second Razorcake podcast! I hope you enjoy this selection and maybe hear something new. There are tons of things I imagined talking about on this podcast – how I heard these bands, what I like about them, fun facts, etc. but who knew you could feel so damn shy talking to yourself in a room alone?!

I first heard of Electric Street Queens when a friend sent me a clip of them performing “Roadkill” and for months would go back and watch that video. Seeing two friends on stage shouting “roadkill!!!” with drawn on unibrows was really powerful and special to me!

Last week I got to see Pedal Strike perform which was incredible! I’m so happy we stuck around to see Earth Arrow perform right after. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Los Angeles Afro-Cuban hip hop based band focusing on reviving ancient African and indigenous rhythms and dance. Earth Arrow is a reflection of the fire that burns in the hearts of all who live in colonized lands across the world.”

This Otzi song is sentimental to me because I called my little sis Magpie growing up. Hearing the lyrics, “I’ll watch the magpie fly away” made me think of her, really smart like the bird and flying away from any toxic shit that ever stands in her way. I also love the sort of chanting singing and drumming. It feels direct and intentional, reminding me to be the same.

I chose this Dream Whip song feeling totally inspired by ASMR videos lately.

I could listen to this Floco Torres song a million times. It feels like a lullaby. I first heard Floco Torres on a compilation of local artists released by Akron Recording Company called Where the Hell is Akron, Ohio?

Thanks a bunch for listening to this! It’s kind of intimidating to make this and try to talk about why I like certain things. With my close friends we often talk about our experiences as young women – not always feeling super welcome to participate in conversations about music that can feel dominated by men. I think I’m mostly drawn to music that is healing to me, so it can feel vulnerable to share the real reasons I like certain things. But it’s cool to share! Sharing is caring! Caring is the coolest thing I can think of.

Love you!


Electric Street Queens, “Checked Out”
- - -
Peach Kelli Pop, “Don’t Push Me”
Amyl And The Sniffers, “I’m Not a Loser”
Earth Arrow, “Naturally”
DANA, “Bastard Child”
- - -
Otzi, “Magpie”
Girlpool, “Plants and Worms”
Trophy knife, “Television Set”
Bratmobile, “Kiss and Ride”
- - -
Eerie Summer, “Weird Around You”
Dream Whip, “Chips In Bed”
Ex-Girlfriends, “My First Abortion”
Street Gurgler, “Gross”
- - -
Floco Torres, “Floco’s Joint”

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