Razorcake Podcast #559 with Kayla Greet and Jordan Kamin

Jul 31, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #559 with Kayla Greet and Jordan Kamin

Hey listeners! I've been hanging out a lot with my buddy Jordan who has his own podcast and a strong love for Razorcake. We'd been talking about doing a split podcast together, and guess what? Here it is! I meant to split it evenly down the middle, but I managed to get one more song in there than him. My bad.

What's cool about this installment is that Jordan has one of those fancy USB capable turntables so I was able to pick out some actual vinyl records to play for y'all. We recorded right after my third yoga class and I definitely had a sluggish exercise brain going into this so I hope whatever I said makes sense!

Jordan hosts a new podcast about DIY culture where he interviews people who make shit happen in the punk scene locally. He was even nice enough to have me on an episode or two. It's called Loud Dark Room and I highly suggest checking it out.

So here's a collection of songs we wanted to share with fellow CakeChompers and hope y'all dig it!

Jordan's Jams:
Dogbreth, “Flip It” - Get Out (Anxiety Machine)
- - -
Spokenest, “Kind” - Gone, Gone, Gone (Self-released / Drunken Sailor)
Sundials, “Names That Matter Most” - First 3 Songs (Impermanent)
Mea Culpa, “Vox” - Simple Art of Murder (Self-released?)
Bent Outta Shape, “Rudes and Cheaps” - Stray Dog Town (Recess)
- - -
Neighborhood Brats, “Boys for 20 Years” - Recovery (Deranged)
Corner Boys, “Be Seeing You” - Just Don't Care (Drunken Sailor)

Kayla's Curation:
Apocalypse Meow, “Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!” - Bats! 7” (A.D.D., Rad Girlfriend)
The Observers, “Short Day” - Lead Pill 7” (Deranged)
The Loss, “Domestic Relief” - Last Rites (La Escalera)
- - -
Grabass Charlestons, “Un-American” - Sister Series (Razorcake)
Hail Seizures, “House on the Water/Flies” - Split with Blackbird Raum (Go!)
Samiam, “Don't Break Me” - 10” Don't Break Me Mini EP (Rainbo)
Bong Mountain, “Pariah Carey” - You're Doin' Great! (For the Record) (Stonewalled)
- - -
The Minneapolis Uranium Club, “That Clown's Got a Gun” - All of Them Naturals (Self-released?)

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