Razorcake Podcast #558 with Candace Hansen

Jul 27, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #558 with Candace Hansen

Its summer Eclipse season y’all. Time for long days of summer fun along with deep introspection, good records, delicious produce, walks at dusk in new neighborhoods, and free flowing sparkling water.

I took some time away from touring and enjoying the scouring Los Angeles sun to hang at the Razorcake house with Daryl. We ate some dried pineapple that Jessica GZ and I picked up in Bakersfield driving home from Bay Area YAAWN shows. Todd and Jenn let me do some tour laundry, and used the grey water to nourish the plants. We talked about meeting our idols, DIY print culture, and eventually, transformation.

We are always growing and evolving. Sometimes change grabs us without warning. Something within pulls us toward the sun, unfurling toward what feeds you. A question my friend Marin asked over and over at Chicas Rockeras has resonated with me lately, “What kind of flower are you and are you surrounding yourself with the water you need to grow?” I’ve come to find that the water I need to grow is abundant and all around me. I still don’t know what kind of flower I am. A little green cactus with orange flowers? A sprawling fern? Probably something scrappy that thrives on grey water, evolved to bloom in the shadows and shine in the sun.

There is a lot of mystery in the shadow of an eclipse, but in these moments of stillness we can really listen to what is calling us. The political and personal moments that spiral us into heartbreak and action. The shows, bands, spaces, and art that fill us up, inspiring us to become our best selves when we’re away from those environments. In these moments of stillness we can really learn what our experiences, friends, musical choices, aesthetic leanings, and inner voice are trying to tell us. Like eclipses, realizations may not be clear in the moment. There is a lot of fear in uncertainty. But It can also be beautiful.

These songs are jams that have kept rising to the surface for me during this transformative year. They are songs of rage, love, friendship, identity, anxiety, change, pain, and hope. They are complex. They are fun. They are magic.

Hope they bring you some joy or maybe some tears, both are necessary parts of the same human experience.


Accidente, “Pulso” Pulso, Get Better Records (plus more)
- - -
Generacion Suicida, “Mis Ojos” Sombras, Going Underground Records
Threatening Verse, “All Who Hold Us Down” Time For War 7”  Puke n Vomit Records
Sneaks, “Hair Slick Back” IQ, Merge
The Selector, “Time Hard” Too Much Pressure
- - -
Unity, “Oops” Digital Regress Records
Hunx and his Punx, “Lovers Lane” Hardly Art
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, “Best Friends” Unreleased
Dyke Drama, “Hardest Years” Tender Resignation, Salinas Records
- - -
Sheer Mag, “Fan The Flames” Collection LP, Wilsuns Production
Charles Bradley, “Changes” Changes, Daptone
Dogjaw, “Pain : Slow To Build” Rumbletown
RVIVR, “Rain Down” Don Giovanni
- - -
Peach Kelli Pop, “Black Magic”

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