Razorcake Podcast #554 with Garrett Barnwell

Jul 13, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #554 with Garrett Barnwell

He strained to hear the music unamplified, coming directly from the record player’s needle…

While looking through my crates I had the realization that even though the role of the compilation has kind of become mostly a marketing tool for labels in the past two decades, in days past they had other purpose, whether it was to document a local scene, or to make a statement.  This edition of my podcast pays tribute to the crucial compilations from my past.  My friends and I poured over the likes of Flipside, noting and then seeking out the compilations that Rodney put in his top 10.  They were the stuff of legend and for your listening pleasure I present the songs from the comps that left lasting impressions upon my young brain that are still imprinted today.  Oh yeah, all that and Brooke Shields.


Agent Orange, “Bloodstains” (Poshboy)
- - -
The Freeze, “No One's Ever Coming Home” (Gasatanka/Flipside)
Raw Power, “Fuck Authority” (Maximum Rock N Roll)
Shattered Faith, “Reagan Country” (Invasion)
Gism, “Endless Blockade for the Pussyfooter” (R Radical)
Simpletones, “California” (Posh Boy)
- - -
Angst, “Worker Bee” (Alternative Tentacles)
5051, “Too Late” (Radio Raheem)
Motorcycle Boy, “I Hate the Sunset Strip” (Flipside)
Flipper, “Ha Ha Ha” (New Rose)
Count Five, “Psychotic Reaction” (Hellectrah)
- - -
D.I., “Johnny's Got A Problem” (Gasatanka)
Red Cross, “Rich Brat” (New Underground)
Bags, “We Will Bury You” (New Underground)
Athletico Spizz '80, “Where's Captain Kirk?” (mAiM)
Subhumans, “Rats” (R Radical)
Gleaming Spires, “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” (Posh Boy)
- - -
Alley Cats, “Nothing Means Nothing Anymore” (mAiM)

It did occur to me that you might want to know what compilations were so meaningful to me that I included them.  Here you go:
American Youth Report, Beach Blvd., Charred Remains, City of LA: Power, Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Volumes 1 & 2, Let Them Eat Jellybeans!, Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself?, Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods?, Not So Quiet on the Western Front, Welcome to 1984, Public Safety, Nuggets, Urgh!! A Music War, P.E.A.C.E., Rodney on the ROQ volumes 1 & 2.

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