Razorcake Podcast #549 with Kayla Greet, It's Alive Records episode

Jun 26, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #549 with Kayla Greet, It's Alive Records episode

It's Alive Records has been going strong for fourteen years now! In this third installment of my record label showcase podcasts, you'll quickly see why Adam Ali(ve) has been going strong for so long. There's some really great bands and releases on this label and I'm going to take you through some of my favorites from It's Alives’s first record in 2004 and their most current stuff now.



The Copyrights, “Let's Get the Fuck Out of Here” Button Smasher 7”, 2004
- - -
The Popsters, “The Scene” The Scene 7”, 2006
Fear Of Lipstick, “What You Do”  Indie Band 2007
The Steinways, “Good Morning Sunshine” Unoriginal Recipe, 2007
Chinese Telephones, “Back to You Again” Self-titled, 2007
The Dopamines, “A Confession of Obsession with Repression, Regression, and Depression” s/t, 2009
- - -
The Gateway District, “Lake Street is for Suckers” Some Days You Get the Thunder, 2009
House Boat, “30 Going on 13” The Delaware Octopus, 2009
That's Incredible, “Magnetic Hands” Self-titled, 2010
Crusades, “Sacrements” The Sun is Down and the Night is Riding In, 2011
- - -
Mall'd To Death, “Maximum Restnrelaxation” More Than A Sinking Feeling, 2013
French Exit, “Impossible” Guts & Black Stuff, 2013
The Visitors, “Havin' Fun (On a Mountain Top)” Yeti, 2013
Hospital Job, “Redemption Town” The Believer, 2014
City Mouse, “Exorcise” Get Right, 2017
- - -
Starter Jackets, “I Suppose” Preferred Stock, 2017