Razorcake Podcast #548 with Mike Fournier

Jun 22, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #548 with Mike Fournier

Suddenly, this summer!

We had friends visit from Cleveland last week. We hit a thrift store after biking around town, and I found a shirt that reads “Where does the time go?” Seriously! Since the last podcast it’s been one thing after another – and now the mercury is creeping into the eighties and the roads are filling with tourists. But! Visits from friends rule, and so do summer tours and new records. (Apparently really bleepy records, listening back – hey, sometimes that’s how it is.) Anyway, dig it!

Mike F.


Canadian Rifle, “Investments” (Peaceful Death LP)
No Babies, “The Weight” (Someone To Watch Over Me LP)
Big Heet, “Floating” (Suffocation single)
Gaskill, “Forever Time” (Our War LP)
Royal Roads, “Tarot” (Secret Things)
- - -
Lithics, “Edible Door” (Mating Surfaces)
Spit-Take, “Postcard From ________” (Falling Star)
Hot Tip, “Greenery” (Demo 2017)
Come Holy Spirit, “Essayons” (Asters and Disasters LP)
Maniac, “Midnight Keno” (Dead Dance Club LP)
- - -
Gnards, “Dangle” (Big Finish 7”. RIP doodz)
Deletions, “Germ Hyster” (Archives)
Christian Fitness, “Group Fink” (Nuance – The Musical)
Myciaa, “Back To The Future” (De La Violence Ordinaire)
- - -
Control Test, “Suicida” ( Verdadero Criminal 7”)