Razorcake Podcast #545 with Kayla Greet, Recess Records episode

Jun 12, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #545 with Kayla Greet, Recess Records episode

Can you believe that Recess Records has been in operation for nearly thirty years? In the second installment of my record label showcases, I'm doing my best to cover three decades of music put out by Todd Congelliere. Having started this label in his bedroom to get some F.Y.P records out into the world, he's released so many awesome bands. I'm going to cover some of my favorites, while hitting as many of the Todd C. bands as I can squeeze in here. I think I got all of them besides Stoned At Heart, so make sure to go listen to them after this podcast. Based out of San Pedro, California, Recess presses some of the raddest stuff out there. For people who know people who say all the best punk has come and gone, make them listen to some Toys That Kill and eat their words.


Don't forget, FREE BANDANAS. There's still plenty of those guys available. Email me at [email protected] if you wanna get in on the action.

F.Y.P, “Allergic” Extra Credit EP (Recess) 1989
- - -
Propagandhi, “Bent” Where Quality is Job #1 (Recess) 1995
Furious George, “Bananas” Gets a Record (Recess) 1997
Rivethead, “Avoidance Learning” The Cheap Wine of Youth (Recess) 2002
Chinese Telephones, “All Right” Split with Dear Landlord (Recess / It's Alive) 2007
- - -
Pinhead Gunpowder, “Anniversary Song” West Side Highway (Recess) 2008
God Equals Genocide, “Doesn't Work for You” It Wasn't Meant for Us (Recess / Razorcake) 2010
Lenguas Largus, “No Me Gusta La Pepsi” Lenguas Largas (Recess / Tic Tac Totally) 2011
Summer Vacation, “Team Captain” Condition (Recess / Razorcake) 2011
- - -
Treasure Fleet, “Nitsa” Future Ways (Recess) 2012
Benny The Jet Rodriguez, “Alley Cat” Home. Run. (Recess) 2013
Toys That Kill, “Clap for Alaska” Fambly 42 (Recess) 2014
Underground Railroad To Candyland, “The Grownups Will Have Their Say” The People Are Home (Recess) 2015
- - -
Future Virgins, “Book of Balance” Doomsday Raga (Recess / Let's Pretend) 2018