Razorcake Podcast #541 with Kayla Greet, Dirtnap Records episode

May 29, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #541 with Kayla Greet, Dirtnap Records episode

I've moved on from cover song sets to spotlighting specific record labels. To start it off will be Portland, Oregon's Dirtnap Records. How I first found Dirtnap I'm honestly not sure, but I know I’ve owned their records since nearly the beginning of them putting stuff out, mostly by virtue of living so close to the bands they covered.

However I found them, I have a Dirtnap pin that I got around 2000 at a Briefs show. And I'm going to see The Briefs tomorrow night, some 18 years later! The next year I drove with some friends to Seattle from Tacoma so we could see The Groovie Ghoulies, an Adam and the Ants tribute band (they had two drummers!), and Epoxies play the original Vera Project when it was in Capital Hill. Me and this record label have some serious history and I'm stoked to share what they've done in the last 19 years with you guys. Sure, I cherry picked what I wanted to play, but it is my podcast. When you have a podcast of your own, you can play anything you want!

Anways, here's to punk rock not being a phase, and here's to Ken! Thank you to DirtNAP for putting out so much great music. Don't get me wrong, Chris Mason at Dirt Cult has some quality releases too, but we're not talking about them right now, unless by accident. You're both awesome though. Kids, go out and hug your favorite DIY record label owner today. Or the next time you see them. Thank these unsung heroes!

Bandanas! Email me at [email protected] to get one!

Also, I goofed and said Epoxies are from Seattle when in fact they are from Portland. Put your pitchforks and torches away PDX!


The Dontcares, “Split in the Ass” 7” (Dirtnap) 1999
The Spits, “Pissed off Baby” Split with The Briefs (Dirtnap) 2000
- - -
Epoxies, “Need More Time” 7” (Dirtnap) 2001
Selby Tigers, “Snoball” 7” (Dirtnap) 2001
The Briefs, “She's Abrasive” 7” (Dirtnap) 2001
The Hollow Points, “The Hemingway Solution” Annihilation (Dirtnap) 2003
- - -
High Tension Wires, “The Sad Tale of Mattie Lou Denton” Send A Message (Dirtnap) 2003
The Soviettes, “Plus One” 7” (Dirtnap) 2004
The Ergs! , “Books About Miles Davis” Upstairs Downstairs (Dirtnap) 2007
Steve Adamyk Band, “Never Wake Up” Forever Won't Wait (Dirtnap) 2011
Guantanamo Baywatch, “We Came With Dottie” Chest Crawl (Dirtnap) 2012
- - -
Occult Detective Club, “Third Way” Split with Something Fierce (Dirtnap) 2012
Neighborhood Brats, “Speckelos Nightmare” Total Dementia (Dirtnap) 2013
The Novice, “What You Want” 7” (Dirtnap) 2013
Lost Balloons, “Numb” Hey Summer (Dirtnap) 2017
- - -
Fox Face, “Standing There” Spoil + Destroy (Dirtnap) 2017