Razorcake Podcast #539 with Mike Fournier

May 22, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #539 with Mike Fournier

State House, Concord NH 4/11/18

Gearing up for getting down.

It’s starting to be tourist season: more traffic, but more friends stopping by. And part of seeing friends is checking in on what they’ve been spinning recently. All sorts of new stuff is either out now or soon, so thanks, all, for the recs. See you in the pit. All right!

Mike F.

Proletariat, “The Murder of Alton Sterling” (title track on new single out 5/18 on Bridge 9)
Report Suspicious Activity, “Goldstein” (Destroy All Evidence, Alternative Tentacles)
Radon, “Saint In A Bottle” (More Of Their Lies, Eager Beaver)
Laughing Stock, “Bottom Line” (Rough Crowd, self-released)
Clown Sounds, “Lucy Oh Lucy” (forthcoming Preacher Maker, Recess)
- - -
Out, “All Points West” (Split with Stomatopod)
Mess//Age, “No Flag” (Moments of Mayhem cassette)
Youth Expire, “Nose” (Life Kills….But Who’s Dying?, Reality)
Pathogens, “Rattle The Cage” (Patient Zero, 1986’d)
HIRS Collective, “Murdered By A Woman” (Friends, Lovers, Favorites, SRA / Get Better)
- - -
Flasher, “Skim Milk” (Constant Image, out 6/8 on Sister Polygon)
Protomartyr ,“Wheel of Fortune” (Consolation EP, out 6/15 on Domino)
Mall Walk, “Rose” (two-song single. RIP)
Nopes, “Shedding” (Fun Limbo, Magnetic Eye)
- - -
Spirits Having Fun, “Gift Shopping” (demo)