Razorcake Podcast #529 with Mike Fournier

Apr 10, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #529 with Mike Fournier

Bec at The Windmill, Easter Sunday


Three shows in six days can only mean one thing: it’s spring. At last. Bombogenesises begone! Out, damned snow! Give me flowers peeking through untended yards! Give me new releases all over the place! Get at me, baseball season!

Here’s a soundtrack of mostly new stuff to get the season started.

Mike F.

Hot Snakes, “Six Wave Hold-Down” (Jericho Sirens LP, Sub Pop)
Pandemix, “Rank & File” (Rank & File 7”, Dirt Cult)
By The Grace of God, “Golden Bends” (Above Fear LP, State of Mind)
The Endtables, “Process of Elimination” (s/t reissue, Drag City)
Character Actor, “On Rubicon Beach” (from the forthcoming debut 7” on Dirt Cult)
- - -
Cave In, “Moral Eclipse” (Until Your Heart Stops, Hydra Head. Caleb Schofield RIP)
Notches, “No Wonder Why” (self-titled digital single)
Red Dons, “Letters” (Genocide 7”, Man In Decline)
The Ex, “Silent Waste” (27 Passports, Ex Records)
Chemical Bags, “Social Contagion” (For Pleasure, self-released)
- - -
Scare City, “It’s Trash” (Demo Lish Scare City demo)
Alice Bag, “Sparkling Path” (Blueprint, Don Giovanni)
State Of Franklin, “1997” (Mistakes Were Made, Girth)
Fotocrime, “Plate Glass eyes” (Always Night, Golden Antenna)
- - -
Enablers, “Sudden Inspection” (Output Negative Space, Neurot)