Razorcake Podcast #527 with Kayla Greet

Apr 03, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #527 with Kayla Greet

Hey lovely listeners! Here's another pod of tunes from me. Some old, some new, some borrowed, none blue. Since I procrastinated and went to a Neighborhood Brats show instead of finishing my podcast on time, I can be the first podcaster to talk about the sad sad retirement of 7 Seconds. I only got to see them a couple of times, but they're one of those bands that feels like it was formed in a vacuum.

A group of straight edge hardcore youth crew brothers deciding to start a punk band in Reno in 1980. All of those things together in a pre-internet era are like the stars aligning. They were a gateway band for a lot of people who went on to start their own bands and carry the torch while 7 Seconds kept blazing a trail. But alas, the dudes are getting on in age and have physical issues that make rocking as hard as they did difficult. I'd like to thank them for their service as punk rock veterans, and appreciate them for reminding us that the scene is not just boys fun.

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Enjoy the tunes.


Riverboat Gamblers, "Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead Yet" To the Confusion of Our Enemies (No Idea)
- - -
Murder City Devils, "Every Shitty Thing" Empty Bottle, Broken Heart (Sub Pop)
Bad Cop / Bad Cop, "Wild Me" Warriors (Fat)
Decent Criminal, "Faults" Self-titled (Endless Bummer)
Good Friend, "D.L.B." Ride the Storm (Red Scare)
- - -
Common Rider, "Carry On" Last Wave Rockers (Lookout!)
Hannah Racecar, "Never Had" Renovations (Self released)
Hospital Job, "In on the Pill Taker" Never Get Cold (Rad Girlfriend / It's Alive)
joyride! , "slow release" bodies of water (Salinas)
- - -
Little Tents, "Try Cubed" Fun Colors (Bomb Pop)
The Manges, "I Don't Wanna Live in Hell" Acid Beaters split with The Queers (Stardumb / Striped)
Tsunami Bomb, "Say It If You Mean It" The Ultimate Escape (Kung Fu)
Teen Idols, "Test Tube Teens" Pucker Up! (Honest Don's)
- - -
Vanilla Muffins, "You Come Back to Switzerland" Hail! Hail! Sugar Oi! (DSS)
7 Seconds, "The Crew" The Crew (BYO) 1984