Razorcake Podcast #526 with Kurt Morris

Mar 30, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #526 with Kurt Morris

Bands whose names start with the letter G is the theme today. I’ve got some oldies and a bit more recent stuff, or at least things from the 2000s. My favorite song on this podcast is probably the Grabass Charlestons song. I highly recommend their last album, Dale & The Careeners, as almost every song on there is solid. I also continue my quest to play every song off the 20 Years of Dischord box set, this time with Government Issue. I close out with a nine-minute song by Greymachine which I’m sure most people will hate, but which I think has a swinging groove that reminds of what Rollins Band would sound like if they had noise influence and no vocalist. I hope you enjoy this menagerie of sound.

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Generation X, “Ready Steady Go” (Self-titled)
The Germs, “Caught in my Eye” ((MIA) The Complete Anthology, Slash)
The Gits, “Another Shot of Whiskey” (Frenching the Bully, C/Z)
- - -
Guided By Voices, “Smothered in Hugs” (Bee Thousand, Scat)
Garrison, “We Watch the World Come Down” (The Model, Revelation)
Grabass Charlestons, “If Dale Were You” (Dale & The Careeners, No Idea)
The Get Up Kids, “Impossible Outcomes” (Eudora, Vagrant)
Government Issue, “Snubbing” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
Guilt, “Untitled” (Further, Victory)
Gorilla Biscuits, “Big Mouth” (Self-titled, Revelation)
- - -
Greymachine, “Wasted” (Disconnected, Hydra Head)