Razorcake Podcast #525 with Garrett Barnwell

Mar 27, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #525 with Garrett Barnwell

Dear Razorcake Podcast,

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, I’ve just had a lot of personal stuff going on, and you know how that is.  I just wanted you to know it’s totally me and not you.  Oh c’mon now Razorcake Podcast, please don’t cry, it’s not like that.  Really, I’ve had a lot going on.  But hey, I am here now, right?  Isn’t that good for something?  I promise, it won’t happen again.

Do you still love me?

Faithfully yours,

Hollywood Squares, “Hillside Strangler” (Rave Up)
- - -
Huevos Rancheros, “Gump Worsley's Lament” (Mint)
Raybeats, “Calhoun Surf” (PVC)
Man Or Astroman?, “Transmissions from Venus” (Estrus)
Halibuts, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” (Flat Fish)
- - -
Alien Sex Fiend, “Smells Like...” (Plague)
Nash The Slash, “Dead Man's Curve” (Ralph)
China White, “Anthem” (Frontier)
- - -
Salvation Army, “She Turns to Flowers” (Frontier)
Bangles, “The Real World” (Faulty)
Green On Red, “Aspirin” (Down There)
Long Ryders, “Still Get By” (Planet)
True West, “Steps to the Door” (Bring Out Your Dead)
- - -
Gleaming Spires, “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” (Posh Boy)