Razorcake Podcast #523 with Mike Fournier

Mar 20, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #523 with Mike Fournier

Finally, almost.

Two days after the second bombogenesis of the winter, with another big weather event on the horizon, it’s hard to believe it’s almost spring. But! There’s Grapefruit League baseball in Arizona and Florida, and the number of upcoming shows and albums means something is happening, at least. It’ll be here before we know it. In the meantime, dig the new music and keep toiling!

Mike F.

ExMaid, “Devoted” (Fair Sex, forthcoming on SRA)
No Age, “Soft Collar Fad” (Snares Like A Haircut, Drag City)
Boys Order, “Now Is The Time” (Do The Wild Cat, Secret Mission)
Lumpy And The Dumpers, “Boiling River” (Those Pickled Fuckers, La Vida Es En Mus)
Corrode, “Suffocation” (Age of Ruin cassette, self-released)
- - -
Mind Spiders, “Never Like That” (Furies, Dirtnap)
Xetas, “The Burden” (The Tower, 12XU)
Dahlia Seed, “Standing 8 Count” (Please Excuse All The Blood, Spirit of Orr)
Reno Kid, “Judy Garland Enchantment (Heart Circle comp, Pretty In Noise)
Secretary Legs, “Foaming At The Lid” (Cool Myths, self-released)
- - -
Superchunk, “Reagan Youth” (What A Time To Be Alive, Merge)
Yage, “Ohne Form” (Some Time Of A Time, Altin Village & Mine)
Marriage Material, “What Can You Say” (Making the Worry Worth It, Part I, Dirt Cult)
Screaming Females, “Step Outside” (All At Once, Don Giovanni)
- - -
Messthetics, “Serpent Tongue” (Self-titled debut LP, Dischord)

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