Razorcake Podcast #520 with Kayla Greet

Mar 09, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #520 with Kayla Greet

First off I’d like to apologize – for whatever reason my Audacity program likes to skip for a second or two during the process of sound capturing from Spotify. I’m super amateur when it comes to recording podcasts and have pretty much had to figure it all out on my own. And the vocal quality is not great. I know. But just like that Gateway District record title: Perfect’s Gonna Fail. So why not just do the best you can. That’s what I do!

But there’s a PODCAST GIVEAWAY in this episode, so that like totally makes up for the rough quality, right? Right?!? Get into this episode and be one of the first ten people to email me what I asked for in the podcast and you will get a SUPER COOL THING for free. Email me at [email protected]

Here’re some tracks for when you’re angry or sad. It’s been a rough week and these are the tunes I surrounded myself with when life hands you bullshit. You can’t make bullshit lemonade with that. No one would drink it.

Keep yer chins up.

–Kayla Greet

Caves, "America" Always Why (Dead Broke)
- - -
Headlines, "Teething" MMXVII (Self-released)
Ex-Friends, "Archaeologists of the Future" Rules for Making Up Words (Paper and Plastick)
Gateway District, "Run Away" Perfect's Gonna Fail (It's Alive)
Iron Chic, "Time Keeps on Slippin' Into the (Cosmic) Future" Not Like This (Dead Broke)
- - -
Naked Raygun, "Wonder Beer" Understand? (Quarterstick)
Wipers, "Mystery" Is This Real? (Zenocore)
Hot Snakes, "Suicide Invoice" Suicide Invoice (Sub Pop)
Pegboy, "Field of Darkness" Strong Reaction (Quarterstick)
- - -
Sicko, "Bad Year" Laugh While You Still Can Monkey Boy (Red Scare)
Hi Ho Silver, Away! , "Split Shift" Chore (Secret Pennies)
Ramona, "These Days" Sad Brunch (Bomb Pop)
Choke The Pope, "Jealousy" Emotional Material (Den Tapes)
- - -
The Spook School, "Still Alive" Could It Be Different? (Slumberland)