Razorcake Podcast #518 with Kurt Morris

Feb 23, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #518 with Kurt Morris

Evidently I’m short of bands whose names start with the letter E, so I had to combine E and F for this podcast. Still, I was able to play some stuff I haven’t played before: Fotocrime, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Further Seems Forever, Friction, Faith, and Exit Order. Hope you like what you hear!

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Friction, “Squelch” (Blurred in Six, Allied)
- - -
Eddie & The Hot Rods, “Do Anything You Wanna Do” (Do Anything You Wanna Do 7”)
Embrace, “Past ” (Self-titled, Dischord)
Engine Down, “101” (Self-titled, Lookout!)
Ethel Meserve, “Paladain Taim” (Spelling the Names, Tree)
Fugue, “Guest” (No One Else, Avocado)
- - -
Everdown, “Sweet” (Straining, Tooth & Nail)
Faith, “Subject to Change” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
Exit Order, “Dead Ringer” (Seed of Hysteria, Side Two)
Fotocrime, “Plate Glass Eyes” (Always Hell, Golden Antenna)
Further Seems Forever, “Vengeance Factor” (The Emo Diaries: Chapter 4, Deep Elm)
- - -
Faraquet, “Cut Self Not” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)