Razorcake Podcast #516 with Mike Fournier

Feb 16, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #516 with Mike Fournier

MC Spippy’s new scratching post, still untouched.

Winter doldrums? No!
We’re getting back into the routine here, even as winter sinks its claws into Cape Cod – back to the grind of a new semester. But the past few weeks have been anything but routine, as all these bands announce new records for the spring. Just say it: spring. As dark and cold as it’s been, the prospect of the coming thaw – and the adventures it presents – makes pushing through a little easier. As does a soundtrack.

Mike F.

Poster Children, “Grand Bargain” (forthcoming Grand Bargain LP on Lotuspool)
Negative Option, “I Can’t Comprehend” (Self-titled demo)
Lifted Bells, “You’re Not In A Movie” (Lights Out 7”)
Total Control, “Vanity” (Laughing At the System LP, Alter)
Future Virgins, “Piss Ant Saga” (Doomsday Raga LP, Let’s Pretend/Recess)
- - -
Rules, “Last Legs” (forthcoming debut LP)
Metz, “Drained Lake” (Strange Peace LP, Sub Pop)
Wimps, “Couches” (Suitcase LP, Kill Rock Stars)
Booji Boys, “Pissicine Perfect” (Weekend Rocker LP, Drunken Sailor)
The World, “I Fell In Love With A Slumlord” (First World Record LP, Lumpy)
- - -
Tuffy, “Watch What You Wish For” (Lighting Things On Fire LP)
Moment, “How I’ve Been Lately” (Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers reissue, Tor Johnson)
Sriracha-chas, “Go Rachel” (Self-titled debut LP)
Parte Cinza, “Nao Aceita” (Split with the Alchemists)
- - -
Remission, “Voices” (forthcoming Enemy of Silence LP, React!)