Razorcake Podcast #509 with Garrett Barnwell

Jan 12, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #509 with Garrett Barnwell

Happy 2018 dearest Razorcakers! 2017 was filled with many notable releases that got aired in previous podcasts. As I usually pull more than one song from a release for inclusion in the podcast I happen to be working on, I ended up with a folder full of stuff that didn’t make the cut for whatever reason along with several classic tracks that are sitting dormant as well.

Well, wait no longer! I present to you a casserole of mystery meats. A pizza of prime cuts, if you will. In the spirit of the new year, I have to say I am quite looking forward to this year’s new releases but until then…


DS-13, “Degenerated Generation” (Havoc)
- - -
Epic Problem, “Falling” (Brassneck)
Life Sentence, “Peacetime Death” (Walkthroughfyre)
Weekend Dads, “163 River” (It’s Alive)
Career Suicide, “Recipe for Disaster” (Deranged)
- - -
Red Kross, “Citadel” (Gasatanka)
Iggy Pop & James Williamson, “I Got Nuthin’” (Bomp)
Uniform Choice, “Screaming for Change” (Wishingwell)
One Beggar Sun, “Diadem” (Self-released)
- - -
Small Brown Bike, “Still Ill” (Old Point Light)
Hanoi Rocks, “Visitor” (Johanna)
Marked Men, “Fix My Brain” (Dirtnap)
Kill Cheerleader, “Find Your Own Way Home” (Yeah Right!)
Nine Shocks Terror, “A Nice Place to Live” (My Mind’s Eye)
- - -
DS-13, “Youth Crüe Über Alles” (Havoc)