Razorcake Podcast #507 with Kurt Morris

Jan 02, 2018

Razorcake Podcast #507 with Kurt Morris

This podcast is a wide array of bands from different parts of my life. Some old stuff (The Clash, Circle Jerks), some acts that made a big impact on me as a teen (Coalesce, Cave In), some pals’ bands (Conan Neutron, Crusades), and some new stuff (Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, Camp Cope). And I also threw in some other songs for good measure. It’s amazing I could find such a wide range of music that represents my life with only artists that start with the letter C. Yet here we are. Enjoy.

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Ceremony, “Hysteria” (Zoo, Matador)
- - -
Camp Cope, “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” (Audiotree Live, Audiotree)
The Creeps, “Cancer” (Eulogies, It’s Alive)
Circus Lupus, “Pop Man” (20 Years of Dischord, Dischord)
The Casket Lottery, “What I Built Last Night” (Survival Is for Cowards, Second Nature)
Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends, “Fight Math” (The Enemy of Everyone, Seismic Wave)
Coliseum, “Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh” (Anxiety’s Kiss, Deathwish)
The Clash, “Career Opportunities” (Self-titled)
- - -
Coalesce, “You Can’t Kill Us All” (Functioning on Impatience, Second Nature)
Converge, “Under Duress” (The Dusk in Us, Epitaph)
Crusades, “1713 (The Scorching Fevers)” (This is a Sickness and Sickness will End, Anxious and Angry)
Cave In, “Moral Eclipse” (Until Your Heart Stops, Hydra Head)
Chelsea Wolfe, “Vex” (Hiss Spun, Sargent House)
- - -
Circle Jerks, “World Up My Ass” (Group Sex, Frontier)

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