Razorcake Podcast #506 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Dec 29, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #506 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys

Razorcake is a bi-monthly music magazine. That’s one way to put it, but if you asked me I could give you any number of responses and they would be equally true, equally valid. Razorcake is where I met a lot of the people I would end up calling friends. It’s a publisher, as well as a catalyst for the local punk scene. A source of podcasts, shows, DJ nights, readings, and a sense of working towards the building of something by all of us for all of us. Razorcake has supported many great projects through out it’s existence including this one, but none of it is possible without your support. If you are of the means please help us in any way you’d like. such as taking out an ad, getting a friend a subscription for the holidays (it’s the gift that keeps on giving), or sponsoring a space. High fives and hugs from The Dollar Boys!


Dyscontrol, "Where You Live" Living Without LP (P Trash)
Buzzcocks, "Breakdown" Spiral Scratch 7" (New Hormones)
- - -
Gutara Kyo, "You're Noisy" Self-titled 10" (Slovenly)
Wipers, "Return of the Rat" Is This Real? LP (Jackpot)
Manneqin, "Push & Pull" 3 Songs + 3 More Songs Cassette (Self-released)
Jean Claude Jam Band, "Rattlesnake Love" Discography Cassette (Dead Broke)
No Warning, "Like a Rebel" Torture Culture LP (Bad Actors / Last Gang)
- - -
The Locust, "Brand New Set of Teeth" Self-titled LP (Three One G)
Edge Of Etiquette, "I Hate You" Various: Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home CD
Born Against, "I Am a Idiot" The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure LP (Prank)
Discharge, "Q: And Children? A: And Children" Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing LP (Havoc)
dimber, "Manges Tes Mortes" / "Darkage" Damber 7" (Chain Letter)
- - -
The Jam, "Down the Tube Station at Midnight" Down the Tube Station at Midnight 7"
The Slits, "So Tough" Cut LP (Island)
French Vanilla, "Mother's Love" Self-titled Cassette (Danger Collective)
Fit For Abuse, "Bloodshed" Too Little Too Late 7" (Painkiller / Warthog Speak)
Tubeway Army, "My Shadow in Vain" Self-titled 7"
- - -
Melvins, "Boris" Bullhead LP (Boner)

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