Razorcake Podcast #505 with Mike Fournier

Dec 26, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #505 with Mike Fournier

Here come the holidays – maybe they’re already gone by the time you read this, the whirlwind of gifts and travel and stress (and finals and grading, if you’re in the same racket as me), compounded by the day-to-day. Thanks goodness new releases and new-to-me releases keep on coming. Hang in there. All right!


Crunchcoat, “Still” (Obsolete EP)
Detached Objects, “Healing Cream” (Self-titled LP on Gilgongo – thx Thirsty Thursdays crew for the tip!)
Bethlehem Steel, “Fig” (Party Naked ForeverLP, Exploding In Sound – BQ’s new favorite)
Dark Plains, “Decisions” (00001 EP)
Smart Went Crazy, “A Brief Conversation Ending In Divorce” (Con Art 2xLP, Dischord/Ernest Jennings)
- - -
Notches, “Don’t Care About You” (High Speed Crimes LP, Young Modern. Viva Dover!)
Weathered Statues, “Corpse Candle” (via Soundcloud)
Converge, “Wildlife” (The Dusk in Us LP, Epitaph)
Rad Payoff, “Roses On A Piano” (Slow & Weird LP)
Angry Cougars, “Not Normal” (Bullshit Authority 7” – thx, Pat!)
- - -
Don’t Ask, “Trash Human” (Self-titled LP)
Mercury On Mars, “Venice” (Be The Sun LP. Wuddup, Stoops!)
Quicksand, “Sick Mind” (Interiors LP, Epitaph)
Powerblessings, “Creep Frost” (Quick Guide To Heart Attacks 12”)
- - -
Rogue Conjurer, “Crystal Mountain Lives” (via Bandcamp)

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