Razorcake Podcast #498 with Mike Fournier

Dec 01, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #498 with Mike Fournier

Spippy’s got it all figured out.

Eighty mile per hour winds today pulled down branches and leaves all over New England – a Nor’easter, a harbinger of worse storms to come in the next few months, but with snow. And just when I was starting to get into a routine. But what can you do? Dig in, or just dig – for new stuff, for old favorites. All right!

Mike F.

Doc Hopper, “Melior” (Ask Your Mom, Ringing Ear)
Fussy, “I Want More” (Fussy’s In Your Head demo)
Ossalot, “Face Again” (Guardians, Self-released)
Remnants, “Far Too Late” (Accomplices Not Allies, Self-released)
Split Feet, “Selective Mommy” (Shame Parade Lp, Accidental Guest)
- - -
The Effects, “Numbers” (Eyes To The Light, Dischord)
Shadow Age, “The Fall” (The Fall, Self-released)
Patsy, “Eat It” (Eat It 7”, Total Punk)
Sleepies, “Genetic Cousins” (Natural Selection LP, Self-released)
Collate, “Software” (Material Inspection cassette, Self-released)
- - -
Full Of Fancy, “He’s Mean” (Liquid Nature LP, Don Giovanni)
Cold Institution, “Dead End Life” (Dead End Life, Self-released)
L7, “Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago” (new single on Don Giovanni)
Ötzi, “Hounds” (Ghosts LP, Self-released)
- - -
Campaign For Real-Time, “Turn the Gun On Me” (Yes….I Mean, No LP, Big Scary Monsters)

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