Razorcake Podcast #495 with Jeff Proctor, Hadi Fever, and Jimmy The Worm

Nov 17, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #495 with Jeff Proctor, Hadi Fever, and Jimmy The Worm

Firstly, many apologies to all for the lateness in getting this here podcast finalized. It’s been a crazy couple months. Whew!

Anyway, this was recorded over the summer with my longtime pals and some of my favorite punk rockers, Hadi Ziade (aka Hadi Fever) and Jimmy Callaway, (aka Jimmy the Worm). I’ve known Jimmy for nearly 20 years and Hadi close to 15. And in those years those two have been unsung heroes of San Diego’s punk and garage scene, members of the Dissimilars, Slab City, and the Stalins Of Sound. All three bands are unique in their own right and all immensely enjoyable, bands that I continuously go out of my way to see if given an opportunity.

Jimmy recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy and writing (he is very funny, indeed – go see him if you get a chance). And on this weekend, Hadi had come up to visit Jimmy and I wrangled the two to get them in together and chat about their bands. I think this is an extraordinarily fun listen and the two of them picked some stellar tunes.

Sadly, since the recording of this podcast, the Stalins have decided to call it quits and will play their last shows in San Diego this December. If you have a chance to go and see them in their final run, please do so.

With all that out of the way, have a listen and enjoy!


Cécilia Accompagnée Par Les Ennuis, “Avec Les Garçons,” (Avec Les Garçons 7”, Hillsdale)
- - -
Sex Crime, “Night Vision” (Night Vision 7”, Danger)
The Trashies, “Meth Lab Car” (Fartstorm? 7”, Ken Rock)
The BloodTypes, “Johnny” (Johnny 7”, Bomb Pop)
Destruction Unit, “Let’s Lie” (Let’s Lie EP 7”, Disordered/Lo-Fi)
- - -
The Hussy, “Be My Girl” (Volar EP 7”, Volar)
Digital Leather, “the Man with No Emotion” (Modern Problems LP, FDH)
Static And The Cubes, “Tout Petit La Planete” (Escape from Snakes 7”, Danger)
The Spits, “Shitty World” (19 Million A.C. EP 7”, Dirtnap)
- - -
Dream Dates, “Moans on the Phone” (Moans on the Phone 7”, Ugly Pop / Squelchtone)

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