Razorcake Podcast #493 with Jeff Proctor and Sean Arenas

Nov 10, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #493 with Jeff Proctor and Sean Arenas

Howdy Razorcake friends!

This here podcast I recorded with Sean Arenas of Marriage Material and Pinned In Place fame. We blindly raided the review bins for stuff we’ve never heard before and played ‘em. And, what we found was a whole bunch of surprise rippers!



Platinum Boys, “Everything is Shit” (Buzz LP, Dusty Medical)
Concrete Criminals, “Freedumb” (Coping Mechanism 7”, Not Like You)
Excessive Cruelty, “Wound Too Tight” (Self-titled LP, Sorry State)
Nothing Of Merit, “All BS in the End” (Use of Ease LP, Reason For Resistance)
- - -
Brain-bats, “Road Kill from Outer Space” (Self-titled 7”, Atomo-Guano)
Baby Shakes, “Turn it Up” (Turn it Up LP, Lil Chewy)
The Full Counts, “(No You) Don’t Let Me Down” (First Out LP, Phratry)
Puke, Spit And Guts, “Puke, Spit + Guts Theme” (Eat Hot Lead LP, Slovenly/Black Gladiator)
Sick Thoughts, “I’m Going Nowhere and I Don’t Care” (Songs About People You Hate 12”, Neck Chop)
- - -
The Rippers, “A Lot of the Time” (A Gut Feeling LP, Slovenly)
Natural Causes, “Bad Luck Eyes” (Self-titled LP, Sorry State)
The Snails, “No Time” (Demos 7”, Neck Chop)
The Cavemen, “Dog on a Chain” (Dog on a Chain 7”, Slovenly)
Mexican Wolfboys, “Past Forward” (Skatization of the Christian West LP, Rockstar)