Razorcake Podcast #492 with Kayla Greet

Nov 03, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #492 with Kayla Greet

It's been nearly a year to the date from when that terrible tyrant got elected and the world has tried to self-destruct ever since. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mass shootings.... what the fucking fuck? How are we supposed to ever heal if the world refuses to wear a band-aid and keeps picking at its scabs? I know that's not fair to victims in all of these real tragedies, and my heart goes out to all of those who are suffering. But it's done with a hung head because our moron in command just keeps on throwing salt in those wounds.

So for the last, what, 8-10 months I've been listening to primarily non-American bands. Some from South America, some Canadian, and a shit ton of European stuff. I know things aren't great anywhere really, but it has been nice to tumble down a rabbit hole of other cultures and to take a bit of a mental vacation. Anyways, here's some songs to go on a brain sabbatical with cause sometimes you just gotta tap out of this bullshit. Fuck 45, spin 45s.


Terrible Feelings, “Vulture's Lament” Tremors (Deranged)
- - -
Wasted, “Concrete Wasteland” Here Comes the Darkness (Combat Rock Industry)
Rotten Mind, “Your Voice Inside My Head” I'm Alone, Even when I'm with You (Lovely)
The Vicious, “Walking Dead” Alienated (Ny Vag)
- - -
No Hope For The Kids, “Rainy Day” Self-titled (Hjernespind)
Martha,“Dom Kan Inte Hora Musiken” originally by Masshysteri, Split with Benny The Jet Rodriguez (Drunken Sailor)
The Dahmers, “I Wake Up Dead” In the Dead of Night (Lovely)
Gorilla Angreb, “De Kommer Ud Om Natten” Self-titled (Feral Ward)
- - -
Red Dons, “Unheard Words” Fake Meets Failure (Deranged)
No More Art, “Walled City” Sorrows of Youth (Self-released)
Modern Pets, “Necessities” Sorry. Thanks. (Concrete Jungle Records)
- - -
Masshysteri, “Tvivel” Self-titled 7” (Hjernespind)